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Registration Type


September 6~November 10, 2023, 11:59 PM KST (UTC +9)

* Administration fee $5 will be charged.


November 23~24, 2023


Opening in Early October

Physician Interventional Cardiologist
Clinical Cardiologist
Interventional Radiologist
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Pediatric Cardiologist
$50 $100 Free
※ Online live streaming has access only to Main Arena.
※ Online-only attendance is not eligible for the certificate of attendance.
Fellow Interventional Cardiologist
Clinical Cardiologist
Interventional Radiologist
Cardiovascular Surgeon
Pediatric Cardiologist
$30 $60
Resident / Nurse / Technologist $20 $50
Industry Professional / Others $30 $60

2023 9 6~11 10

*1,000 ᰡ ΰ˴ϴ.

2023 11 23~24

10 Ͽ

50,000 100,000
※ Main Arena äθ ¶ ˴ϴ.
※ ¶θ Ȯ ߱ ʽϴ.
30,000 60,000
/ ȣ / 缱 20,000 50,000
ü / Ÿ 30,000 60,000

Terms and Conditions

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Prohibition on Badge Swapping, Sharing, or Lending * Offline attendance ONLY

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Cancellation Policy* Offline attendance ONLY

In case of cancellation, refund can be made for those who submit the refund form until the designated date indicated as below;

Offline Attendance During Early Bird Period
(~November 10, 2023, 11:59 PM KST (UTC +9))
Full Refund
without Administration Fee*
*International: $5 / Domestic: ₩1,000
After Advance Period No Refund

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Badge Changes and/or Reprints

The fee for on-site badge changes or reprints is $50 or ₩50,000 per change/reprint.

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