Submission Deadlines Extended: ~ September 25 (Fri), 2020
Notification Date: October 12 (Mon), 2020

Submission Category

Complex PCI
  • Calcified Lesion
  • Long Lesion
  • Tandem Lesion
  • Bifurcation/Left Main Diseases and Intervention
  • Chronic Total Occlusion
  • Multi-Vessel Disease
  • Small Vessel Disease
High-Risk Intervention (diabetes, heart failure, renal failure, shock, etc)
Vascular Access (transradial)
Adjunctive Procedures (thrombectomy, artherectomy, special balloons)
  • Stents (bare-metal, drug-eluting)
  • Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds
  • Invasive Imaging (IVUS, OCT, spectroscopy, etc)
  • Non-Invasive Imaging (CTA, MRI, 3D-Echo, etc)
  • Physiologic Lesion Assessment
  • Vulnerable Plaque


  • Accepted cases will be assigned to oral case presentation sessions during the virtual meeting and be posted on the E-science Station at the same time.
  • Case Presenters will be invited as a faculty member of COMPLEX PCI 2021.


  Attention Telephone E-mail
Case Ms. Seol Yun 82-2-3010-7255