Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 3: Step 3. Stenting & Optimization

November 25, 2021 / 3:25 PM-4:25 PM 📌 Channel 1

Moderator(s): Myeong-Ki Hong, Ashok Seth
Discussant(s): Alan Chan, Po-Hsun Huang, Kyoung-Ha Park, Kenji Wagatsuma

Over the Troubled Vessel: How to Deliver Stent in Calcified or Tortuous Lesions
Lecturer: Michael S. Lee
Upfront 2-stenting in Bifurcation Disease, When and How?
Lecturer: David Hildick-Smith
To Kiss, or Not to Kiss, That Is the Question: Optimization of the 1-Stenting in Bifurcation PCI
Lecturer: Alaide Chieffo
Under Pressure: Optimal Post-Dilation Strategy
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn