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A List of Accepted Cases

Total: 73

Submission No. Title Presenter Country
CASE20210828_007 Glide through the Narrow Path Yee Sin Tey Malaysia
CASE20210828_005 Troubleshooting with IVUS Jonathan Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20210828_004 A Multipurpose Cocktail for No Reflow after Stenting Amjad Ali India
CASE20210828_003 Long and Heavily Calcified RCA (From RCS to PLV Branch): Successful Image Guided Complex PCI Ashwani Sharma India
CASE20210828_002 Successful Retrieval of Dislodged Non-Inflated Coronary Stent: Where Micro Snare and Stent Broke Dileep Kumar Tiwari India
CASE20210828_001 Accidental STAR with Ellis III Perforation in VF Arrest Primary PCI Jonathan Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20210827_007 Hybrid Revascularization in a Patient with Severe Ischemic MR and Cardiogenic Shock Jonathan Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20210827_006 IVUS Guided and IVL Assisted Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Densely Calcified LAD and Successful Management of Stent Fracture HARSIMRAN SINGH India
CASE20210827_005 Instant Wave-Free Ratio Guided Coronary Intervention in a Female Prior to Kidney Transplant Hendyono Lim Indonesia
CASE20210827_004 Rescue the Dying Heart - PCPS Support LM Bifurcation PCI in RCA CTO Patient with AMI Shen Chung Huang Taiwan
CASE20210827_003 Use of iFR in Coronary Spasm Case of a Pre-Transplant CKD Patient: To Stent or Not to Stent Indah Sukmawati Indonesia
CASE20210827_002 Rotational Atherectomy in a Heavily Calcified, Balloon Undilatable Left Anterior Descending Artery Chronic Total Occlusion Hou Tee Lu Malaysia
CASE20210827_001 A Challenging Case of Recalcitrant Coronary Calcium F. Aaysha Cader Bangladesh
CASE20210826_002 OCT Demonstrated Extension Catheter Related Stent Deformation Hsuan-Ling Tseng Taiwan
CASE20210825_003 High Risk Rotational Atherectomy in Uncrossable Long and Heavily Calcified Lesion in Elderly Patient with Unstable Ventricular Tachycardia / Atrial Fibrillation Quah Wy Jin Malaysia
CASE20210825_002 Complex Percutaneous Coronary Intervention with Impella Support in a High Risk Elderly Patient Su Hnin Hlaing Australia
CASE20210825_001 Ultra Low Contrast Unprotected Left Main Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Using Intravascular Ultrasound and Sepal Technique Kristy Garganera Philippines
CASE20210824_003 Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention & Management of Coronary Dissection, Stent Entrapment, Dislodgement & Deformation in a Heavily Calcified Artery Bryan Rene Toledano Philippines
CASE20210824_002 Double Bending and Calcified LAD Lesion Treated with Rotablation Cheng-Chun Wei Taiwan
CASE20210824_001 Nonagenarian with a Complex Left Coronary System Jonathan Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20210823_003 Complete Revascularization in High Bleeding Risk Patient Nay Thu Win Malaysia
CASE20210823_002 CTO Intervention with Minimal Contrast Usage Using Coronary Imaging ( IVUS ) Vijayendran Rajalingam Malaysia
CASE20210820_003 A Simple Percutaneous Coronary Intervention May Complicated Unexpectedly - Aorto Coronary Dissection Treated with Non Covered Stent across the Ostium MOHAMMAD SHAFIQUR RAHMAN PATWARY Bangladesh
CASE20210820_002 Coronary Intervention of Bifurcation Lesions by Novel Technique and ASD Device Closure-Hands on Hands Dr. Abdul Momen Bangladesh
CASE20210820_001 High Risk PCI of LM Bifurcation with CTO Ostial LCX Thanawat Suesat Thailand
CASE20210819_012 Intravascular Lithotripsy for Management of an Underdeployed Stent in Anomalous RCA and LAD ISR in the Same Sitting Harinder K. Bali India
CASE20210819_010 Percutaneous Intervention in a Complex Left Main Trifurcation Lesion Harinder K. Bali India
CASE20210819_009 PCI and Stenting in a Long Segment CTO (ISR) in a Dominant RCA, Using the Antegrade Technique Harinder K. Bali India
CASE20210819_008 PCI on LAD Bifurcated CTO Afsaneh Mohammadi Iran
CASE20210819_007 Endovascular Reconstruction of a Chronically Occluded Saphenous Venous Graft Using Combined Antegrade and Retrograde Injection Harinder K. Bali India
CASE20210819_006 The Shadow of Crusade (Use of Crusade Microcatheter and Stent Enhancement Technology in DK Crush LM Bifurcation Stenting) Mahesh Gurung Thailand
CASE20210819_005 Intravascular Lithotripsy to Aid Calcified Left Main Bifurcation Stenting in a Patient with Severe Left Ventricular Impairment Muhammad Andi Yassiin Brunei Darussalam
CASE20210819_004 Complete Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization of Calcified LM and TVD NAGENDRA BOOPATHY SENGUTTUVAN India
CASE20210819_001 Efficacy of King Ghidorah Technique Prior to Simultaneous V-stenting for Thrombotic Occluded Left Main Coronary Artery: A Case Report Tatsuhiko Ito Japan
CASE20210818_002 A Case of Double Jeopardy F. Aaysha Cader Bangladesh
CASE20210817_004 Challenge for PCI at True Left Main Bifurcation with Multiple Stenosis in Left Circumflex Novita Sitorus Indonesia
CASE20210817_003 Rescue PCI of the Bifurcation Lesion with an Aneurysm in the Center after Acute CABG Failure Sakolwat Montrivade Thailand
CASE20210817_002 Dealing with Multiple Radial Artery Spasms Alvin Tonang Indonesia
CASE20210817_001 Rotablation and Kissing Drug-Coated Balloons for a Critical In-Stent Restenosis in Left Main Bifurcation in a Patient with Angina CCS Class IV and a Low Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction Udin Bahrudin Indonesia
CASE20210816_006 A Case of In-stent CTO of ostial RCA with Distal Dissection with IVUS Guiding Rohit Mody India
CASE20210816_005 OCT Guided PCI for Restenotic Lesions- A Case Series Rohit Mody India
CASE20210816_004 Primary PCI in Patients with Diffuse Triple Vessel Disease Rohit Mody India
CASE20210816_003 Intravascular Lithotripsy in Calcified under Deployed Stents Rohit Mody India
CASE20210816_002 Shock Wave Lithotripsy in IVUS Guided PCI of Calcified Vessels Rohit Mody India
CASE20210816_001 Case Series Reporting the Role of Direct or Direct like Stenting in Patients with STEMI with High Grade Thrombus Rohit Mody India
CASE20210815_001 Case Series Reporting Perforations a Cathlab Nightmare How to Get Out of this Critical Complication Rohit Mody India
CASE20210812_002 Cardiogenic Shock in a Nonagenerian with High Risk ACS: OCT Guided Rotablation to Left Main Trifurcation with Intra-Aortic Balloon Pump Assistance Hashrul Rashid Australia
CASE20210812_001 An Extremely Rare Cause of Coronary Perforation from Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Catheter Hashrul Rashid Australia
CASE20210810_004 Left Main Bifurcation Stenting Done by Different Techniques under IVUS & Physiology Guidance Advantages over One Another : A Case Series Rohit Mody India
CASE20210810_003 Tips & Tricks to Cross Uncrossable Lesions in CTO- A Case Series Rohit Mody India
CASE20210810_002 Complications in Cathlab and How to Bail out: Case Series Rohit Mody India
CASE20210810_001 Clinical Effect Of Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio On Recanalization Of A Patient With Moderate Obstruction Of Left Anterior Descending (LAD) And Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) Of Right Coronary Artery (RCA) Ajith Prasanna Wanniarachchi Sri Lanka
CASE20210804_001 "In Pursuit of Perfection" Triple CHIP Procedure with Calcified Chronic Total Occlusion , Bifurcation Lesion Involving the Left Main Artery in Patient with Depressed Ejection Fraction and High Bleeding Risk Tjen Jhung Lee Malaysia
CASE20210802_001 How Should We Treat Ostial Left Anterior Descending Artery Disease in Acute Myocardial Infarction? Hosein Alavi Iran
CASE20210730_001 Ticagrelor-Associated High-Degree Heart Block: A Case Report & Review of the Literature Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20210729_006 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main in ACS with Cardiogenic shock Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20210729_005 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main with Cardiogenic Shock & Pulmonary Edema with IABP Support Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20210729_004 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main in ACS Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20210729_003 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main in ACS Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20210729_001 Bail-Out Intravascular Ultrasound-Optimized Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of the Left Anterior Descending Artery Using Sasuke Double Lumen Catheter Kristy Garganera Philippines
CASE20210728_001 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention in ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction of a Single Coronary Artery Circulation Kristy Garganera Philippines
CASE20210727_002 Ostial Disease, Spontaneous Dissection: The Perfect Bifurcation Technique, Proven by IVUS Mario Bollati Italy
CASE20210726_001 Retrograde Recanalization for Coronary Chronic Total Occlusions is the Last Chance to Win. Alexey Sozykin Russian Federation
CASE20210725_003 Is it Pan-Coronary Vulnerability? Ahmed Kasem Saudi Arabia
CASE20210725_001 Intracoronary Imaging and Physiology Guided MVD PCI Yongbai Luo China
CASE20210724_002 Could We Simplify the Rescue for LM Complication? Antonia Anna Lukito Indonesia
CASE20210724_001 Double Culprit STEMI Chun Lin Raymond Cheung Hong Kong, China
CASE20210723_001 High Risk Angioplasty in ACS-Not Every Case is the Same Punish Sadana India
CASE20210716_002 The Crusade Microcatheter-Facillated Technique in Complex and Long Chronic Total Occlusion Case Meng-Ying Lu Taiwan
CASE20210715_002 "I'll See You At The Crossroads." - A Case of T- Stenting and Protrusion for Left Main MEDINA 1,1,1 Bifurcation Lesion in a Patient with High Bleeding Risk and Balloon Assisted Tracking of Extension Catheter in a Calcified Lesion Mugilan Sundarajoo Malaysia
CASE20210712_001 RCA CTO Antegrade Intervention with Donor Vessel Thrombosis Prashanth Panduranga Oman
CASE20210710_001 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Unprotected Left Main Coronary Artery Quadfurcation Bryan Rene Toledano Philippines
CASE20210627_001 The Perfect is the Enemy of the Good. Shariful Islam Bangladesh

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