Featuring Training Session and Clinical Workshop 2: Step 2. Lesion Preparation

November 25, 2021 / 2:15 PM-3:22 PM 📌 Channel 1

Moderator(s): Toshiya Muramatsu, Chiung-Jen Wu
Discussant(s): Andy Wai-Kwong Chan, Cho Tek Eric Hong, Anuruck Jeamanukoolkit, Yoshifumi Kashima, Yongcheol Kim, Teguh Santoso

Difficult Wiring, Tips and Tricks
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
Pre-lesion Modification, Why and How?
Lecturer: James Flaherty
Break the Rock: The Selection of Devices for Calcified Disease
Lecturer: Ajay J. Kirtane
Make it Perfect: How to Use Invasive Imaging in Complex PCI
Lecturer: Takashi Kubo