Accepted Cases

Total: 40
Submission No. Case Title Presenter Country
CASE20190906_004 Guidezilla Catheter Guided Rotablation of Angulated Left Circumflex Ostium Lesion Tien Ping Tsao Taiwan
CASE20190906_002 Untwisting the Twisted-Percutaneous Retrieval of Twisted Catheter in Brachial Artery Using a Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty Guide Wire and Balloon Ajith Dissanayaka Sri Lanka
CASE20190904_002 Hybrid PCI with DES and DEB at Totally Occluded Left Main Bifurcation Lesion Sang Min Park Korea (Republic of)
CASE20190902_001 Every Effort Applied in Revascularization of Left Anterior Artery Total Occlusion with Ambigious Cap Feng Yu Kuo Taiwan
CASE20190831_004 Drug Coated Balloon Therapy for Ischemic Cardiomyopathy Erwin Mulia Indonesia
CASE20190831_002 Young Male with AVr STEMI Complicating Cardiogenic Shock Due To Left Main Bifurcation Disease Successfully Treated with Culotte Technique Aruna Wijesinghe Sri Lanka
CASE20190831_001 Intervention of Left Main in patient with Pancreatic Ampullary Carcinoma Yee Sin Tey Malaysia
CASE20190830_009 Primary Angioplasty of Left Main with Cardiogenic Shock & Pulmonary Oedema with Intra Aortic Balloon Pump & Ventilatory Support Hariom Tyagi India
CASE20190830_008 Role of Optical Coherence Tomography in Primary Percutaneous Intervention Kit Chan Hong Kong, China
CASE20190830_007 Severe Calcified LAD and Severe AS with LV Dysfunction Cheol Hyun Lee Korea (Republic of)
CASE20190830_005 Orbital Atherectomy for Calcified Coronary Artery Lesions Kyoko Umeji Japan
CASE20190830_003 Feasibility of IVUS-guided Rotational Atherectomy After Subintimal Wiring in Heavy Calcified Lesion Phasakorn Putchagarn Thailand
CASE20190830_002 Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Three Times for a Chronic Complete Occlusion Case of Left Anterior Descending Branch Yaojun Zhang China
CASE20190828_005 A Weird Calcification Causing Rotablation Burr Stuck and Stent Uncrossable Lesion Chao Wen Hsueh Taiwan
CASE20190828_004 Calcified Native Multivessel High Risk PCI Without Rotablation Mir Nesaruddin Ahmed Bangladesh
CASE20190828_003 An Delayed Latrogenic Left Main PCI Due to Cardiac Catheter Chris Kwok Yiu Wong Hong Kong, China
CASE20190828_002 Coronary Anomaly: A Anomalous Right Coronary Artery Originates from the Proximal of Left Anterior Descending Coronary Artery Xuguang Qin China
CASE20190828_001 Aorto-ostial Dissection: Wait and See or Treat? Sau Kong Chang Malaysia
CASE20190826_003 Reverse Wire Technique for the treatment of Complex Bifurcated Lesions Katsuyuki Hasegawa Japan
CASE20190826_001 Symbol of Speed, Agility and Protection Afrah Yousif Adam Haroon Malaysia
CASE20190823_001 5 Fr Guiding Catheter PCI for RCA Restenosis Guo-Shu Huang Taiwan
CASE20190818_001 Left Main Ostial Dissection Shaur Chong Taiwan
CASE20190817_003 An Anterior Wall MI Saved by a Step Mini Crush & Complicated by Longitudinal Stent Deformity Thomas George India
CASE20190817_002 Drill and Shock Jonathan Xinguo Fang Hong Kong, China
CASE20190816_008 Out of Sight, Out of Mind - A Case of Dislodged Stent In Orbital Atherectomy Case Wan Faizal Bin Wan Rahimi Shah Malaysia
CASE20190816_007 Diffuse, Tortuous, and Calcified LAD Lesion Treated by Rotablation and Extension Catheter; Complicated by Dissection with Bail-out PCI; and Post-Intervention IVUS Carl Dominic Pancho Tolentino Philippines
CASE20190816_002 Unyielding Severely Calcified Undilatable Lesion After Rotablation & Orbital Atherectomy, What Next? Naveen A J India
CASE20190815_001 Provisional-T or 2 Stent Technique in STEMI Patient Szu-Chi Chien Taiwan
CASE20190814_006 Fishing of the Dislodged Stent Mon Myat Oo Great Britain (UK)
CASE20190814_005 A Modified Jailed Inflated Balloon Technique Prevents Side Branch Compromise in Coronary Bifurcation Lesions Takamori Kakino Japan
CASE20190814_003 Optical Coherence Tomography for Visualization of Coronary Arterial Spasm Induced by Balloon Dilatation Yusuke Otsu Japan
CASE20190806_001 RCA CTO Case Difficult to Keep Side Branch Open After Reverse CART Rei Fukuhara Japan
CASE20190805_002 CTO of LAD with Anterior Wall MI Retrograde Culotte Arvind Yuvaraj Narsimhan India
CASE20190729_001 Utility of DCA for ACS Lesion Takuma Tsuda Japan
CASE20190724_002 Percutaneous Coronary Interventions in a Cardiogenic Shock Patient with the Use of 2 Type Of Mechanical Support Devices Ivan Tsang Hong Kong, China
CASE20190721_001 A Nightmare of Coronary Stent Balloon Non Deflation and Shaft Fracture Prashanth Kulkarni India
CASE20190719_001 OCT Guided PCI А First Choice For Patients with High SYNTAX Score Vladislav Ertman Russian Federation
CASE20190711_001 Drug-Eluting Stent Implantation for Severe Calcification Stenosis Lesion with Intravascular Ultrasound Guidance Lyu Qiang China
CASE20190708_001 How to Overcome Tortuous and Angulated Lesion at RCA STEMI Min Woong Kim Korea (Republic of)
CASE20190628_001 Transradial Orbital Atherectomy in ST-elevation Myocardial Infarction: An Unconventional Approach to A Calcified Culprit Lesion Muhammad Imran Abdul Hafidz Malaysia

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