November 29 (Thu)

November 29
1:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM
November 30
7:30 AM ~ 4:30 PM

Case Presentation Session

Case Presentation I

1:00 PM ~ 1:50 PM
Main Arena, B2

1:00 PM Invited Case: How to Open up a Calcified Coronary Pipe When Rotablation Seems Not Feasible?
Case Presenter: Cheuk-Man Yu
1:10 PM Critical Left Main Bifurcation Stenting in an Octogenarian with Acute Coronary Syndrome
Case Presenter: Chun-Yuan Chu
1:20 PM Chronic Total Occlusion of the Left Anterior Descending Artery Needed Retrograde Approach by the Passage of the Very Tortuous Epicardial Collateral with Parallel Wire Method
Case Presenter: Motosu Ando
1:30 PM Crush Twice for LM and non-LM Bifurcations
Case Presenter: Osung Kwon

Case Presentation II

1:00 PM ~ 1:50 PM
Room 1, B2

1:00 PM Recannulation of Distal Radial Artery for Staged Procedure After Successful Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Case Presenter: Yongcheol Kim
1:10 PM A Complex Patient with Large and Small Vessels Treated with Dedicated Large and Small Vessel Stents with ”DK Crush”
Case Presenter: Fahim Haider Jafary
1:20 PM Intervention for Right Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion with Moderately-diseased Left Main Coronary Artery
Case Presenter: I-Fan Liu
1:30 PM The God's Hand
Case Presenter: Polpat Euswas
1:40 PM Planned Three Stents Strategy PCI for LM Trifurcation
Case Presenter: Kyusup Lee

Case Presentation III

1:00 PM ~ 1:40 PM
Room 2, B1

1:00 PM Multivessel Rotational Atherectomy in a Patient with Recurrent Myocardial Infarction
Case Presenter: Po-Chih Lin
1:10 PM A Case in Which Chronic Total Occlusion Revascularization Was Completed While Using "Slipstream Technique"
Case Presenter: Tatsunori Noto
1:20 PM Accidental Wire Dislocation to Subintimal Space After Balloon Angioplasty in Severely Calcified & Long Lesion
Case Presenter: Yong-Hoon Yoon

Case Presentation IV

1:00 PM ~ 1:40 PM
Room 3, B1

1:00 PM Post-CABG CAD with Only One SVG Left
Case Presenter: Wei Tsung Lai
1:10 PM Retrograde Balloon Crossing Overcome Antegrade Delivery Failure for a Heavily Calcified Chronic Total Occlusion
Case Presenter: Kensuke Oe
1:20 PM A Nightmare Complication: Tear of Calcified Artery
Case Presenter: Hanbit Park
1:30 PM Is Rotational Atherectomy Adequate for Calcific Lesion?
Case Presenter: Sau Kong Chang

Complex PCI: Make It Simple!

Technical Forum I

2:00 PM ~ 4:00 PM
Main Arena, B2

Session I: Left Main PCI

2:00 PM Expert Case Review: Complex Left Main PCI
Lecturer: Antonio Colombo
2:08 PM Integrated Use of FFR and IVUS in LM PCI
Lecturer: Seung-Jung Park
2:16 PM Decision-Making of Revascularization (PCI vs. CABG) Strategy in Left Main Disease
Lecturer: Myeong-Ki Hong
2:24 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Session II: Bifurcation PCI

2:37 PM Expert Case Review: Complex Bifurcation PCI
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
2:45 PM How to Optimize Two Stent Technique and Trouble Shooting
Lecturer: Shao-Liang Chen
2:53 PM Integrated Use of FFR and IVUS in Non-LM Bifurcation PCI
Lecturer: Duk-Woo Park
3:01 PM Bifurcation Lesions: Present and Future
Lecturer: Antonio Colombo
3:09 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Session III: Complex ISR PCI

3:22 PM Expert Case Review: PCI for Severely Calcified In-Stent Restenosis
Lecturer: Alan C. Yeung
3:30 PM DEB Strategy for In-Stent Restenosis
Lecturer: Eun-Seok Shin
3:38 PM Revisited Debulking in the Treatment of In-Stent Restenosis: ROTA-ISR Randomized Trial
Lecturer: Do-Yoon Kang
3:46 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Technical Forum II

4:00 PM ~ 6:00 PM
Main Arena, B2

Session IV: Calcified Lesion PCI

4:00 PM Expert Case Review: Complex PCI for Severe Calcified Coronary Disease
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
4:08 PM Update of Atherectomy Device and Technique for Severe Calcified Lesion
Lecturer: Michael S. Lee
4:16 PM Severe Coronary Calcification: Predictors, Managing Strategy, and Outcomes
Lecturer: Duk-Woo Park
4:24 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Session V: CTO PCI

4:40 PM Expert Case Review: CTO PCI for Complex Patients
Lecturer: Satoru Otsuji
4:48 PM How to Interpret Coronary Angiography and CT Angiography for CTO Intervention
Lecturer: Byeong-Keuk Kim
4:56 PM When and How to Change Your Plan A to Plan B
Lecturer: Seung-Whan Lee
5:04 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Session VI: Transradial PCI

5:20 PM Expert Case Review: Transradial PCI for CHIP Patients
Lecturer: Sunao Nakamura
5:28 PM Technical Tips and Tricks of TRI for Complex Coronary Disease
Lecturer: Jae-Hwan Lee
5:36 PM Feasibility of PCI via Left Snuffbox Approach
Lecturer: Yongcheol Kim
5:44 PM Panel Discussion with Q & A

Evening Symposium

6:00 PM ~ 8:00 PM
Main Arena, B2

Toolbox for Complex PCI

6:00 PM OCT for Guiding Complex PCI: Wisdom from Experience
Lecturer: Takashi Akasaka
6:10 PM IVUS for Guiding Complex PCI: Secret Pearls from the Expert
Lecturer: Myeong-Ki Hong
6:20 PM Debulking Devices: Unload Your Tough, Calcified Burden
6:30 PM Guide Extension Catheters: A Strong Support from a Parent-Child Relationship
Lecturer: Jung-Min Ahn
6:40 PM Discussion Between Panels and Audiences

Percutaneous Revascularization for Left Main and Multivessel Disease

6:50 PM PCI vs CABG for Left Main and Multivessel Disease
Lecturer: Seung-Jung Park
7:00 PM PCI, CABG, or Both: Current Status of Hybrid Coronary Revascularization
Lecturer: Alan C. Yeung
7:10 PM Discussion Between Panels and Audiences

Complex PCI in Complex Situations

7:20 PM When PCI and when CABG in the Year 2019
Lecturer: Antonio Colombo
7:30 PM PCI in Post-TAVR Patients: Beyond the Barrier
Lecturer: Duk-Woo Park
7:40 PM PCI in Patients with Cardiogenic Shock: Support Save Life
Lecturer: Michael S. Lee
7:50 PM Discussion and Audience Interaction