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Presenter Country Submission No. Case Title
Abd Syukur Abdullah Malaysia CASE20170826_001 When All Else Fails…PCI of a Tortuous, Mildly Calcified and Tight Tandem Aneurysmal Lesions of OM1 Assisted with GUIDEZILLATM
Afzalur Rahman Bangladesh Case Vignettes in Ostial LAD: Stenting Technique in the DES Era LM Stenting or Not
Ahmed Kasem Saudi Arabia CASE20170731_001 The Nightmares During Post Cardiac Arrest Primary PCI; The Optimal Innovative Solution for the Worst Scenario
Akihiko Miyata Japan CASE20170821_001 Effectiveness of Vessel Stretch by a Retrograde Wire to Advance an Antegrade Wire
Akihiro Kawamura Japan CASE20170720_001 Case of a Patient with LAD Ostium CTO
Akira Wada Japan CASE20170825_006 Successful Retrieval of a Dislodged Coronary Stent Using 12-20mm EnSnare Through 7Fr Glidesheath Slender™ at Radial Artery
Amir Aziz Alkatiri Indonesia How to Manage Balloon Uncrossable CTO Lesion
Antonia Anna Lukito Indonesia CASE20170817_001 Is It Time to Let Go-Complex PCI?
Anwar Irawan Ruhani Malaysia CASE20170817_002 Acute Occlusion of Left Main Stem Intervention in Cardiogenic Shock: Time Is Life.
Atsunori Okamura Japan My Most Complex RCA CTO Case in This Year
Bing Liu China PCI with DCB in Elderly Undergone Anterior wall AMI Complicated with Left Ventricular Wall Thrombosis
Binoy John India Rotablation Under OCT Guidance
Binoy John India Saphenous Venous Graft Intervention PCI with and Without Filter
C M Shaheen Kabir Bangladesh CASE20170812_003 Undeflated Stent in Calcified Lesion: A Nightmare
Chee Hae Kim Korea (Republic of) CASE20170816_001 A Case of Totally Occluded Left Main Stent
Chee Tang Chin Singapore Not a Fairytale Ending, but Still Not a Horror Story
Cheuk-Man Yu Hong Kong, China A Heart Failure with Triple CTO Managed by PCI
Ching-Yuan Tsai Taiwan Technique Called Retrograde Sequential Mini-Crush Bifurcation Stenting of LCX & OM Br. and LM, LAD & LCX
Chi-Yao Huang Taiwan CASE20170825_010 Mechanical Thrombectomy, to Do or Not to Do? While We Face Huge Thrombus in Primary Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Chun-Wei Lee Taiwan Nightmare RCA
Chun-Yuan Chu Taiwan Complex PCI for Acute Coronary Syndrome with Cardiogenic Shock (3VD with LM )
Erwin Mulia Indonesia PCI in Dextrocardia
Fahim Haider Jafary Singapore A complex Case of a Calcific Lesion at a Sharp Angle, Failed Rotablation, Acute Closure and Undilatable Lesion
Feng-Ching Yang Taiwan CASE20170526_001 A Successful Bridging Support with IABP for a 60 Year-Old Man with Acute Anterior STEMI with CAD-3VD and LM Disease
Ghulam Hussain Soomro Pakistan CASE20171113_008 Retrograde CTO Intervention of Distal RCA in a Country with Limited Resources
Hanbit Park Korea (Republic of) A Case of a Patient with Diffusely Calcified Lesion and ISR
Hidehito Makabe Japan Coronary Rupture
Hiroaki Matsuda Japan CASE20170814_002 A Successful Case of "Double" Chronic Total Occlusion at Left Anterior Descending Artery
Hirooki Higami Japan CASE20170811_003 RCA-seg.3 CTO Lesion with Difficult Antegrade Vessel Preparation Due to Tortuous Seg.2
Hiroshi Okumura Japan CASE20170808_001 A Case That Rotablator Was Unusable, Because Lesion Was Very Calcified and Extremely Eccentric, We Were Able to Succeed to Treat Somehow by Trans Radial Intervention.
Ho Lam Hong Kong, China CASE20170814_003 Interesting Bifurcation Cases Sharing
Huy Duc Dinh Vietnam Complex Left Main Intervention in a High-Risk ACS Patient
Isman Firdaus Indonesia CASE20170722_001 Retrieving Sheath Wire When Snare System Catheter Was not Available: Balloon Trapping Technique
Ji-Hung Wang Taiwan Rotational Atherectomy Make Complex Become Simple in Patient with High Risk ACS
Johan Rizwal Ismail Malaysia CASE20170825_003 Touch 'n' Go
Kazuhiro Ashida Japan Leopard Crawl Technique with Lacrosse NSE Scoring Balloon to the Sever Calcificated Lesion
Kenji Wagatsuma Japan Two Cases of Trifurcated LM Lesion Treated by Double Mini-Crush Technique
Kentaro Jujo Japan Acute Stent Occlusion After Successful Coronary Intervention Through Retrograde Approach on Subtotal RCA
Kyoko Umeji Japan Very Late Scaffold Discontinuity and Overhang After Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolding Implantation
Kyusup Lee Korea (Republic of) A Case of a Patient Treated with Hybrid Technique
Marc Bedossa France CASE20170710_001 PCI on Left Main Under Left Ventricular Assist Device - Tolerance an Feasibiity: About a Case Report
Masaaki Okutsu Japan Which Is Better PCI or CABG for LMT Lesion and CTO of RCA Case? - Decision from CT Information
Michael Mao-Chen Liang Singapore CASE20170825_007 Primary Angioplasty to the High Risk Distal Left Main and Proximal Left Anterior Descending Artery Occlusion
Motosu Ando Japan CASE20170808_002 IVUS Guided Bail-out Stenting for Catheter Induced LMT Dissection and Hematoma which Advanced to LAD, Diagonal Branch and LCX
Naoki Hayakawa Japan A Case of Successful Treatment of AMI Suffering with Multivessel Stent Thrombosis: Efficacy of Using Double Guiding Catheter and Perfusion Balloon
Osung Kwon Korea (Republic of) A Case of a Patient with Left Main Bifurcation
Po-Ming Ku Taiwan Huge LM Thrombosis During Antegrade PCI for LCX-CTO
Po-Sen Huang Taiwan CASE20170811_001 Ostium Lesion of Left Anterior Descending Artery Could not Classified by Medina Classification.
Prathapkumar Natarajapillai India Failed Antegrade Intervention Twice, Successfully Done by Retrograde Intervention
Rei Fukuhara Japan Directional Scoring Effect Attained by an Unique Structure of Scoreflex
Rosli Mohd Ali Malaysia Complications Related to Rotational Atherectomy
Sang Yong Om Korea (Republic of) A Case of a Patient with Left Main Bifurcation with Heavy Calcification
S. Mokaddas Hossain Bangladesh CASE20171012_003 Longitudinal Stent Collapse During Optimal Expansion and Apposition of a Dissected Left Main Coronary Stenting
Satoru Otsuji Japan IVUS Guided Entry; a Modified Method
Shozo Ishihara Japan Management of Coronary Perforation
Shu-I Lin Taiwan You Can Not Pass
Teguh Santoso Indonesia BRS Thrombosis Is Multifactorial, Do Not Always Blame the Device
Tien-Ping Tsao Taiwan Complete Revascularization in a Patient with LM with Multivessel Disease and CTO
Toshio Kimura Japan CASE20170814_001 Open Sesame Technique for Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of Acute Myocardial Infarction
Toshiya Muramatsu Japan How Do I Treat Complex Double CTO with Cardiogenic Shock ACS Patient
Wasan Udayachalerm Thailand LM Bifurcation
Wei-Hsien Yin Taiwan PCI After TAVR with a Self-Expandable Device
Wei-Ting Wang Taiwan CASE20170825_002 One of the Worst Complications I Have Ever Met
Yoshinobu Murasato Japan How to Optimize 2-stent Deployment with 3-D OCT in Bifurcation Lesions
Zhen-Vin Lee Malaysia CASE20170810_004 Successful Percutaneous Coronary Intervention of a Calcified Lesion Using Scoring Balloon and Buddy Wire Technique


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