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Submission No. Case Title Presenter Country
CASE20160829_001 How to Retrieve a Partially Expanded and Stuck Stent in the Left Main Coronary Artery? Jin kyung Oh Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160827_007 Retrieval of Embolized Stent from LMCA: A Nightmare Nagaraja Moorthy India
CASE20160827_006 Giant coronary aneurysm with stent migration: A delayed complication after PCI Nagaraja Moorthy India
CASE20160827_003 Complex Retrograde PCI to LAD Sarat Kumar Sahoo India
CASE20160826_014 Critical Bilateral Aorto-Ostial Stenosis With Acute Non-ST Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction And Cardiogenic Shock Jih-Hua Wei Taiwan
CASE20160826_012 Complete revascularisation in a high risk patient with Bioresorbable vascular scaffold. Mohan Mani India
CASE20160826_011 Imaging guided multivessel implantation of Biovascular Scaffold in Recent Acute coronary syndrome Mohan Mani India
CASE20160826_010 10 years Follow Up of Two Stents technique for treatment in the Coronary Bifurcation Lesion Sang Yeub Lee Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160826_009 Overlapping Biovascular Scaffolds in Primary PCI With Optical coherence Tomography Balakumaran Jeyakumaran India
CASE20160826_008 Unwitnessed cardiac arrest due to STEMI with heavily calcified and negative remodeled coronary arteries Jaehoon Chung Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160826_007 LAD, diagonal, ramus trifurcation lesion treated by TAP technique Jaehoon Chung Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160826_005 Using IVUS guided rewiring made CTO PCI for LCX succeeded Masayuki Sakurai Japan
CASE20160826_003 Acute Massive Coronary Perforation after Overlapped Stent Implantation: Keep Calm Down and Focus Isman Firdaus Indonesia
CASE20160825_006 Three Vessel Coronary Artery Disease with Left Main Disease : The Simple Way of Percutaneous Coronary Intervention on Complex Coronary Artery Disease Young Su Lee Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160825_005 Successful antegrade PCI for chronic total occlusion complicated with a diffuse long dissection during initial antegrade approach Je Sang Kim Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160825_004 Guidewire navigation assisted by crusade dual-port microcatheter in LAD CTO with eccentric calcification involving diagonal bifurcation Je Sang Kim Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160825_002 Double Sites Dissection involving Right Coronary Artery Ostium Shu-I Lin Taiwan
CASE20160825_001 Intractable coronary spasm with hypotension after primary coronary intervention. Hyuck Jun Yoon Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160824_002 Successful diagnosis and treatment of spontaneous coronary artery dissection using intravascular ultrasound. Mijoo Kim Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160823_001 Tortuous Calcified Lesion With Coronary Perforation After Rotational Atherectomy Poh Chanyavanich Thailand
CASE20160822_004 Left Main with Chronic Total Occlusion of Left Anterior Descending Artery in Cardiogenic Shock: Do or Die Kunal Bikram Shaha Nepal
CASE20160822_003 Chronic RCA Dissection Presenting as LV Dysfunction Chanakya Kishore Kumar Kammaripalli India
CASE20160822_001 Left Main Stenting In Octogenarian Anil Kumar Vatwani Denmark
CASE20160821_002 COMPLEX PCI: A Case For Rotablation Wen Yeow Australia
CASE20160821_001 Trying To Cut Down The Cost... Cost Me a Lot Ganiga Srinivasaiah Sridhar Malaysia
CASE20160820_003 An Interesting Case of Vasospastic Angina Chanakya Kishore Kumar Kammaripalli India
CASE20160820_002 Calcified Lesion: How I Did It? Ganiga Srinivasaiah Sridhar Malaysia
CASE20160820_001 Optimal Strategy for Left Main Bifurcation Intervention by Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) guidance Jung-Hee Lee Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160819_001 RCA rotational atherectomy and iatrogenic right external iliac artery dissection by JR catheter kinking in right femoral approach Dae-Won Kim Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160817_003 IVUS Guided LAD Stenting during Acute Catheter Induced Thrombosis in a Patient Who Underwent Triple Vessel Stenting with Six DES Four Month Earlier Sridhar Kasturi India
CASE20160817_001 Catheter-Induced Dissection during Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for Acute Myocardial Infarction with a Single Coronary Artery Toshio Kimura Japan
CASE20160815_001 LM thrombus during simple PCI Jin Sup Park Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160812_001 Retrograde Approach for Proximal Right Coronary Artery Chronic Total Occlusion Through the Spetal Branch Deuk-Young Nah Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160811_003 PCI on Left Main under Left Ventricular Assist Device. Tolerance an Faisabiity: about a Case Report. Marc Bedossa France
CASE20160811_002 Coronary artery rupture Zheng Ji China
CASE20160811_001 IVUS guidance for representative CTO cases Yongzhen Fan China
CASE20160810_003 IVUS and FFR Guided PCI in LM Bifurcation Stenosis Zheng Ji China
CASE20160810_002 Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffold Implantation for In-stent Chronic Total Occlusion Lesion Guided by Stentboost Imaging and Optical Coherence Tomography Sung Hun Park Korea (Republic of)
CASE20160805_002 A Middle-aged Female with Acute Myocardial Infarction Hsin Fu Lee Taiwan
CASE20160802_001 How to Treat Wire Perforation after a Successful Recanalization of Complex Coronary Total Occlusion Huy Duc Dinh Vietnam
CASE20160801_001 Occluded Left Main With Cardiogenic Shock - PCI or CABG? Chi Yen Voon Malaysia
CASE20160725_001 Complex High Coronary Intervention With Peripheral Arterial Desease Ramesh Adiraju USA
CASE20160722_002 Dislodgement of thrombus in patient with acute myocardial infarction C M Shaheen Kabir Bangladesh
CASE20160717_001 Calcified Left Main Stenosis Ramesh Adiraju USA
CASE20160713_001 Failed CABG, complex LMCA, LAD CTO intervention Sanjat Shankar Chiwane India
CASE20160701_001 Modified Revisiting of old balloon inflation technique during PCI in thrombus burden lesion in Non ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. Wassam El Din Hadad El Shafey Egypt
CASE20160627_003 An Unexpected Calcification on the Left Main during a TAVI: How to Prevent? How to Treat? Marc Bedossa France
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