Challenging Case Presentation 5

November 24, 2022 / 10:20 AM ~ 11:15 AM 📌 Room 1, B2

Moderator(s): Takashi Akasaka, Jae-Hwan Lee
Panelist(s): Young Rak Cho, Junghoon Lee, Chi Yen Voon, Chris Wong

  • I Wish I Had Done it Before Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement: Ostial Right Coronary Artery Intervention with Rotablation of a Calcified Lesion and Transcatheter Heart Valve Stent Struts Obstruction
    Huan-Chiu Lin
  • A Case of Critically Confirmed COVID-19 in a 52-Year-Old Filipino Male Presenting with Multivessel Coronary Artery Disease
    Maria Antonette Bernal Gelindon
  • Rotatripsy to LCX-OM
    Sanjat Chiwane
  • A 3 in 1 Case: A Total Occlusion, Bifurcation and Multi Vessel PCI
    Benjamin Tao Xiung Lim
  • pLCx CTO and Tortuous pLAD. Rotational Atherectomy and LM Bifucation Stenting with Provisional Stenting to LAD/D1 Bifurcation
    Jonathan Xinguo Fang
  • Closing Remark