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Case Presentation VII

November 27, 12:50 PM ~ 1:50 PM

Moderator(s): Yangsoo Jang, Chris Kwok Yiu Wong
Panel(s): Yoshihide Fujimoto, Hung-Ru Huang

A Challenging Case of CTO: How I Managed
Case Presenter: Satish R Chirde
Complex High-Risk PCI: The Heart Team Approach
Case Presenter: Michael N. Gergis
PCI in Patient with Non-operable Severe CAD Due to Recent Ischemic Stroke Combined with Severe Bicuspid Aortic Stenosis
Case Presenter: Wahyu Aditya
Playing with Fire - High Risk PCI in Crucial SVG Grafts Using Embolic Protection Device
Case Presenter: Wan Faizal Bin Wan Rahimi Shah
LM Bifurcation with Cardiogenic Shock
Case Presenter: Thanawat Suesat
Can Stent Apposition be Confirmed by Conventional Angiography?
Case Presenter: Emirhan Hancıoglu