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Case Presentation VI

November 27, 11:05 AM ~ 12:02 PM

Moderator(s): Satoru Otsuji, Tien-Ping Tsao
Panel(s): Saurabh Goel, Mohammad Shafiqur Rahman Patwary, Jun Pu

Nightmare in Cath-lab - Patience is the Real Player
Case Presenter: Mahmood Hasan Khan
Tip Detection Method Adapted for Non-CTO Complex Lesions During Intravascular Ultrasound-guided Coronary Intervention
Case Presenter: Satoshi Suzuki
Tip Detection Method Adapted for both CTO and Non-CTO Complex Lesions During IVUS-guided Coronary Intervention
Case Presenter: Kota Tanaka
The Hidden Highway
Case Presenter: Thinnakrit Sasiprapha
Huge Coronary Aneurysm in Case of DES as a Very Late Complication! Our Experience
Case Presenter: Manotosh Panja
Unusual Suspect!
Case Presenter: Wisam Khider